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The Old Kent Barn is one of my favourite venues to photograph in Kent, so when Amy & Jordan asked me to capture their wedding here, I was absolutely stoked.

Covid-19 messed with their original date, but this didn't dampen their spirits in any way, shape or form.

The Ogles wedding was a big wedding, but with big character. The evidence is there as you look through the photographs of the ceremony, full of banter and cheeky smiles. It's an absolute dream for me as a photographer when wedding guests are truly relaxed. This was a prime example of a relaxed family.

I've heard a lot of speeches in my time, often referencing how the help of Google was enlisted. However, these speeches were original and heartfelt, authentic to the core. You can see tears on many faces, and in the next moment, ear-to-ear smiles all around.

As the night was drawing in, The Old Kent Barn arranged for sparklers to be given out. At the same time, I coordinated with everybody to create an archway outside. The memories did not disappoint.

Finally, after cutting the cake and an intimate, natural first dance, the dance floor lit up: a live saxophonist AND drummer took the stage, playing along to dance anthems. Iconic!

Amy & Jordan - you are one of the most authentic, expressive couples that I have ever photographed. Your joy in one another is so evident; you truly shine.
I pray as you step into married life that it's a huge blessing. You're both beautiful and so much fun to be around.

Peace and love, Tom Keenan Photography