Beautiful, muted toned, authentic wedding photography that tells your story


Hi! I'm Tom and I'm a Cambridge based wedding photographer.

My heart is for you to enjoy your wedding day with all your lovely friends and family while I catch it on camera. My style is natural and the couples I work with are deeply in love with each other. We value celebrating true love and I help release you to be yourselves!

Have fun, be authentic, there's only one couple like you.

Does that sound good to you?

For me, weddings are about two people who love each other so much that they want to commit their lives to one another and celebrate it! 

I love telling each wedding story by capturing the day naturally as it unfolds and crafting the images into bright, beautiful memories that authentically show your wonderful wedding day. I picked up a camera at 16 and I have not looked back!


It would bring me so much joy to work with you on the day that is all about love!

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Am I the photographer for you?

3 fun facts
I have a few hobbies (surfing/golf/weight lifting/probably more)
I'm a TV fan (Malcolm in the Middle/US Office/Disney)
I love food (#vegan/wagamamas/Beth's cooking)
3 words to describe me
3 wedding favourites
Loads of confetti/the couple shoot/big laughs!


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"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the most beautiful moments and memories of our best day that we will cherish forever" - Stacey & Jamie

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Check out some of the lovely weddings I have had the pleasure of photographing from beginning to end:

The Oakley Wedding - The Old Kent Barn
The Velasco Davis Wedding - Solton Manor
The Scantlebury Roach Wedding - Deal Town Hall
The Gardner Wedding - Thanet, Kent
The Hennessey Wedding - Deal, Kent

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"We couldn't be happier with Tom and would highly recommend him: he was able to capture the magic of our wedding" - Rachel & Luis

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