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Deal Kent Wedding Photography - Deal Town Hall / Astor Theatre

Sam & Madeline Scantlebury-Roach - Deal Town Hall / The Astor Theatre

On the 31st August, on a bright Saturday in Deal, Sam & Madeline became husband and wife.

Deal is a beautiful and quiet seaside town however on a Saturday morning it can feel like London with all the hustle and bustle - yet tucked away in the calm of middle street and a house on the strand Madeline & Sam dressed and headed down to Deal Town Hall by foot and by Jaguar.

Though Madeline & Sam have known each other for many years they have only had the company of their dainty daughter Daphne for the latest two years and she behaved superbly throughout the day.

Weddings can be serious, but the Scantlebury Roach clan were raucous and full of cheers, laughs, and emotion throughout the whole day - Beth and I as photographers felt just as much part of the family!

The Astor Theatre was a field of flowers for the sit down meal and it was miraculously turned over for partying through the night with performances from Mercedes Scantlebury.

It truly was a pleasure and a joy to photograph your wedding Sam & Madeline, I hope these photos make you laugh, cry and delight in your wonderful family.
Peace, Tom Keenan Photography