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The Oakley Wedding 2019The Oakley Wedding 2019The Oakley Wedding at The Old Kent Barn

Jo & Karim Oakley - The Old Kent Barn

On the 20th July, at the stunning venue The Old Kent Barn, Karim & Jo became Mr and Mrs Oakley.

With the morning weather threatening to turn against us our hopes became reality as the sun broke out at midday.
Jo & Karim have been together for over 12 years and have had the joy of their son Theo for the majority - Theo was amazing throughout the wedding, with the help of his buddy dog "Cilla" and two helpers he smiled through the service, greeted all the family and on top of that delivered a tear-jerking speech. He is a true inspiration on what was a joyful day.

The Oakley family is as solid as the oak tree: full of love and life and their wedding day was just a glimpse of that.

Congratulations, Mr & Mrs Oakley (+ Theo + Cilla!)
Every blessing, Tom Keenan Photography