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The Young Wedding - Winters BarnsThe Young Wedding - Winters Barns

Since I shot my first wedding back in 2012, I always thought it would be such a privilege to shoot at Winters Barns in Canterbury. This venue is the real deal, and for Sarah & Alex, it certainly did not disappoint!

From discovering each other on Bumble to their first date in the Slug & Lettuce, from proposing in Rome and surviving lockdown(s), Sarah & Alex were so excited to finally get married on a crisp winters day.

With family "Zoom-ing" in from Australia, all eyes were on this lovely couple as they married beside a beautiful Christmas tree. It was touching to see Sarah & Alex check in with the people spectating from the phone screen throughout the day, which is the only time I think it's acceptable for screens to be out during a wedding!

The wedding day was full of smiles, including when Sarah forgot her bouquet upon leaving the ceremony when confetti got into places it should never go or responses to Alex's general cheekiness. Everybody had a fantastic time.

I love shooting weddings in winter, but you have to be a tough couple to cope with the cold. Sarah & Alex were tougher than most, braving not one but two couple shoots (just because it was their wedding day, they fancied two, and why the heck not?). So when my team and I were freezing our shirts off, this couple hardly even shivered. That's love.

Sarah & Alex - you have something beautiful. I can tell that you're a couple who values their time together, and the fact that you welcomed me so warmly into your wedding was an absolute joy.

As you both work super hard as teachers, I pray that you find time to retreat and spend your time on the most important thing - each other.

Big love, Tom Keenan Photography