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The Staplehurst Wedding - The Manor Barn, CambridgeThe Staplehurst Wedding - The Manor Barn, Cambridge

St Andrew the Great, The Manor Barn, this truly was a beautiful Cambridge wedding.

Hatty took my gentle advice and hired a luxury AirBnB for her bridal preparation, close to the ceremony venue. In fact, it was located opposite Stephen Hawking's old house!

Hatty's mother was calm and collected, cheerfully serving all the bridesmaids as they also prepared. Her maid of honour paid attention to every detail, making sure no hair and no part of the dress was out of place.

I love when our relaxed but organised planning structure takes full effect, showing the whole party was full of peace anticipating the next step of the wedding day.

Father of the bride, Hatty's Dad had thoughtfully sewn a childhood photo of him and his daughter onto the underside of his tie: it was so cute!

Singing hasn't been allowed for the congregation at St Andrew the Great since the pandemic, and Hatty & Andy's wedding ceremony was the first when it was allowed! It was nostalgic, it was long awaited and you could see that bride and groom cherished it.

Leading out into the Grand Arcade in Cambridge town centre, Hatty & Andy joyfully passed through the aisle their friends and family had made, leading to the VW Camper Van on the road.

Confetti, Pimms and canapés were served at the Manor Barn upon arrival, whilst I set up the sunny group shots on the lawn.

After the speeches (including a life size cut out of Colin Firth) we made our way into the garden area for the couple shoot. We simply explored the garden, gave Hatty & Andy time to take the wedding in and shot some gorgeous photos.

Have you ever been to a ceilidh? If you haven't, think of Scotland, then double it and add lots of dancing! It was a brilliant idea, and everybody (I mean, everybody) was dancing even until we left!

Hatty & Andy - I pray as you walk the path your parents have in having lifelong marriages, that your marriage brings you just as much joy. It was a privilege to shoot your wedding and will forever be in my memories of Cambridge.
All my love, Tom Keenan Photography