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Young love. It’s a beautiful thing.

When I heard Erin & Sammy’s story it captivated my heart. This was the first time I have ever photographed a wedding where the couple is under the age of 20, and despite their youth they have a love of immense maturity. Massive respect.

St George’s Church, Deal hosted their reception, adorned with technicolour bunting across the ceiling and cake to finish, it was an (oh) happy day.

Taking the bus down to Dover, they were welcomed with open arms to their reception venue “Dover College” which was the private school where they met and where they grew up.

This venue is a new kent wedding venue, and it boasts a historic space to host a reception - peeling upwards of a-hundred-year old walls going up to the ceiling, portraits of every past headteacher and giant light fittings made for an incredible backdrop. Plus the food was yum! #hogwartsvibes

We were out of natural light by the time the couple shoot came round, however all was well when we arrived at the chapel. This was the place where Erin & Sammy used to sing as kids, and where their love for God and each other grew. Truly a nostalgic place for their shoot.

Having recruited the help from a professional dancer, their first dance was choreographed, wild and playful - I’m accustomed to slow dances, so something planned and executed well was superb.

Erin & Sammy - you guys are classically beautiful. I pray that the rest of your days together reflect the love that everybody witnessed on your wedding day.

All my love, Tom Keenan Photography