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The Blue Pigeons Wedding Photography

Jamie & Stacey Guy - The Blue Pigeons, Worth Kent

Have you ever heard the phrase "Rain is good luck on a wedding day"?
Well, we had plenty of it for Stacey & Guy's wedding at The Blue Pigeons in Worth, Deal Kent. However, this lovely couple didn't need luck - they had love.

Around 40 people attended the intimate ceremony which included and involved Stacey's nieces being flower girls and with Stacey's Nan being present it truly was an occasion with every generation! I love seeing when kids enjoy weddings and they all loved this one - especially throwing confetti.

Rain relented right as we decided to light up the sparklers outside and from there the music started. Blankets covered those wanting to get cosy and "Pimp your own gin" was there for those wanting to celebrate.

Stacey & Jamie I LOVED photographing your wedding day - your family is super fun and the personal touches throughout the day made it so clear to see the love that surrounds you. I hope that marriage brings you much joy over the coming years.

Here's to the Guy's - Tom Keenan Photography