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Hollie & Kieran - a fun, lovely couple full of character and charm.

I had the pleasure of capturing the wedding of Mr & Mrs Daily at the exclusive venue, Brookfield Barn. It's always a joy when the ceremony and reception are at the same venue, however we were up against it with one thing: the weather.

We prayed and hoped with all our might to halt the rain for the outdoor ceremony, hosting stunning views of a duck occupied pond and private golf course.
To the ducks dismay, the rain stopped!

Hollie has style, pulling up in a baby pink Cadillac in front of her bride squad while Kieran patiently waited at the alter.

In a time not far from peak covid-19 restrictions where gathering your friends and family together was a privilege, the ceremony was emotional and full of gratitude.

Confetti was a plenty as the newlyweds strutted down the stairs of Brookfield Barn's facade, and group photos were done just in time (sort of) of the predicted rain clouds.

Thankfully the sky cleared in time for a golf buggy ride onto the private golf course for Hollie & Kieran's couple shoot. I almost fell off the back of the golf buggy, but I didn't (thank the Lord).

Ducks came out to usher the night in as Hollie & Kieran performed their first dance al fresco. The groomsmen smoked their cigars #gentlemen and the bridesmaids did their best at catching the bouquet. And to finish the night off, Hollie got into her pyjamas, had a cup of tea, and I gave her a big bag of crisps as we said our goodbyes.

Honestly, I feel thankful beyond words when I meet a couple that are just like the "target audience" I always dreamed of booking me (without sounding too business-y), and Hollie & Kieran were that couple: relaxed, expressive, full of joy, authentically themselves, trusting of me and all down for a love-filled wedding day.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Daily - you rock. Tom Keenan Photography