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Meet Tom



My name is Tom Keenan.

I am a Family Photographer in Deal Kent.

I am a Head Shot Photographer in Deal Kent.

I am a Portrait Photographer in Deal Kent.




I am a Christian and I love my family with all my heart.

I also have a giant labradoodle called Maggie.



I have over 8 years experience shooting photography and have been growing my

business since 2015.


I studied photography at UCA, was an apprentice for the Photographer Academy,

and did Fashion Photography for a few years too!


Question: Were you brought up with photo albums and framed photos all over the



I was! I love being able to remember fond memories of time that has passed by.



Here's what my clients have to say (click on testimonials for more!):

- An unforgettable experience

- To feel completely comfortable and relaxed

- To have a laugh with a lovely photographer

- To have your personality captured

- Slick professionalism and exceptional, friendly quality


I would love to hear from you soon! Send me an email or give me a call via the contact page.