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Louise & Malte - Norfolk

Norfolk? Aren't you based in Cambridge I hear you ask - correct. However, Louise & Malte are getting married under an hour away from Cambridge and that's as far as I travel!

I'll be real with you, this was a cold shoot, and I chatted to Louise & Malte to see if they wanted to perhaps go someplace more sheltered, but this beach held meaning as it was where they got engaged! With purpose in mind, we braved it. And I will tell you, it was totally worth it.

I have never seen so many seals it was ridiculous! There were so many that "seal wardens" had to turn us away from the original spot we had planned to shoot.

Not a problem.

I hope that you enjoy looking through these memories I captured of this lovely couple on their engagement shoot. It was special: they trusted me in my gentle direction, and they relaxed at the first frame.

In just three months I'll be capturing their wedding in Norfolk at Curds Hall Barn - it's going to be smashing.

All my love - Tom Keenan Photography