This groom was pretty accustomed to marrying people, because he is a vicar! However, on a chilly winter day, it was Andy's turn to get married.

Grace prepared with her bridesmaids at Winters Barns while Andy got ready in the grooms room before they took the short drive to the historic Canterbury Cathedral.

Outside was as bright as can be, yet inside down in the crypt it was a different story - candles and chandeliers gave hints of light, creating an intimate atmosphere for everybody gathering there.

After the grand exit from the crypt, Grace & Andy were almost mobbed by their lovely friends and family, all wanting to congratulate and enjoy their company (plus an additional 23874+ selfies!).

We managed to escape via the smallest lift I have ever rode in to do a couple shoot within the Cathedral. What an experience!

Confetti greeted them on their arrival to Winters Barns and I was given my FIRST EVER platter of vegan canapés! I was a happy happy man!

As the sun set we managed to go outside for some final photos on the bride and around the grounds - an unexpected visitor tried to get in on the shoot under Grace's veil, a spider, which to Grace's relief scurried away with Andy's encouragement!

Grace & Andy, your wedding was classy and a joy. You honoured your family and friends as you celebrated the love you have for one another. God bless you in your marriage.

All my love, Tom Keenan Photography