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Emily Gill & Tom Carnegie - Sandwich, Kent

I've been shooting portrait photography for over 6 years and I have plenty of awesome locations up my sleeve. However, I am always open to suggestions from clients because I love beautiful place to shoot. Tom & Emily's suggestion not far from Tom's childhood home was a brilliant shout!

Just outside of Sandwich, Kent, hosted a cute wild forest next to a quiet apple orchard. The shots came out beautifully!

More couples are booking me for weddings in 2020 and 2021 and many of them are booking couple shoots - it's a great way to gain experience of being in front of a camera, it's super fun and can be great for sharing on social media and invites.

Emily & Tom were quick learners when it came to direction and the love which is clear in their relationship was just as clear in the photographs.
I had a blast. I hope you guys did too!
I can't wait to photograph your wedding in 2020.
You guys rock - Tom Keenan Photography