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Engagement Shoot - Anglesey Abbey, CambridgeEngagement Shoot - Anglesey Abbey, CambridgeHattie & Andy Engagement Shoot - Anglesey Abbey, Cambridge

Hatty & Andy - Anglesey Abbey, Cambridge

The sun has gone, lockdown 2.0 has come, but orange autumn leaves are also here! When Hatty got in touch with me she explained how Andy had planned to propose on a trip to Bath, but because of covid-19 it got cancelled. Thankfully Andy worked out another plan and after a walk in Anglesey Abbey, and enlisting the help of flat mates, surprised her at her flat with ring in hand.

Just north of Cambridge town centre, Anglesey Abbey simply had to be the location for this beautiful engagement shoot.

We masked up and signed in at the reception where they kindly explained to us the one-way process now in place, which of course, we never disobeyed...

After having to postpone this shoot from earlier in the week because of rain, we were counting our blessings that it stayed dry and not too busy this time.

Autumn tones were in abundance as Andy & Hatty waded through endless leaves, even throwing them at me for creative effect! Anglesey Abbey is seated below the flight path of many aircraft so we got to see a fair few of those. However, we had a few close encounters with a slightly smaller flying variety, the ladybirds! They loved us for some reason!

Towards the end of the engagement shoot Andy remembered a painting in his parents house of the flour mill - upon showing me the painting, we set to re-creating the painting in photographic form: this was so special.

I cannot wait to photograph their wedding in July next year at The Manor Barn! Until then, pray that covid-19 departs soon enough so that their plans can go ahead.

All my love - Tom Keenan Photography
Engagement Shoot - Anglesey Abbey, Cambridge