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Marleybrook House has been on my list of venues that I would love to photograph at, and finally I was asked to capture Alice & Luigi's wedding. And seriously, what a day it was.

Alice & Luigi first set eyes on each other at another wedding years back - Luigi drunkenly expressed how good looking Alice was and slid into her dm's #lad. It didn't take long for Alice to realise he was a brilliant listener, great at interacting with her children and totally the man for her.

Marleybrook House is a gift that keeps on giving: firstly, the staff are super kind, the grounds are kept beautifully and there's so many places to go! Woods, fair ground (legit, pretty awesome), cute cottage, this place has it all.

The ceremony was a little delayed which is pretty normal, but not for the reason! One of the ring-bearers lost a ring! I stood with the groom who was none-the-wiser, meanwhile the bridal party AND bride were scouring the grounds for the ring. Thank Jesus they found it, and everybody that knew was pretty relieved.

Harmony shared her flowers with everybody to use as confetti and before you knew it the celebrations began.
After the meal, a waiter tripped and dropped cutlery everywhere, creating a scene in front of everybody. It wasn't until he stood up with a microphone and started singing Robbie Williams "Let me entertain you" that everyone realised he was a secret singer from VIP Waiters Live! Everybody was on their feet. Everybody was singing. And everybody was so thankful that a paramedic didn't need to come out.

Fast forward to crazy fast fair rides, stunning sunsets, emotive dancing and we truly had ourselves a day to remember.

What a family and what a day.

I'll never forget this wedding. Alice & Luigi, you did your families proud.

Love, Tom Keenan Photography