Meet Tom



My name is Tom Keenan.


I am a Family Photographer in Deal Kent.

I am a Head Shot Photographer in Deal Kent.

I am a Portrait Photographer in Deal Kent.





I’m a family guy, I'm a Christian, and I have a giant dog that looks like a cloud (true story, see for yourself).


The beginnings of my photography career didn’t start with me picking up a camera

at 18 months (surprised?), but from using the 3.2-mega-pixel camera on my phone to

capture my life as a teenager.


I then went to college and studied photography.

…Went to UCA and played with fashion photography.

Pursuing this I went and assisted in London for professional fashion photographers.

…Won The Photographer Academy Apprenticeship competition out of over 700 people

worldwide and broke into the industry a little (Italian Vogue, Modeling Agencies,

you get the gist).


Let’s cut to the chase.

What’s my photography service like now?

Here's what my clients have to say:



- An unforgettable experience (for all the right reasons)

- To feel completely comfortable and relaxed (I’m not scary, promise)

- To have a laugh with a lovely photographer (aww babe)

- To have your personality captured (the good bits anyway)

- Slick professionalism and exceptional, friendly quality (You get the picture)



You’re different to the next person reading this,

and I understand that.

As a matter of fact I’m also unique to the other photographers down the road;

like traditional film photographers I take time on my retouching and editing,

to the standard of fashion magazines (good enough for Vogue #win).

Basically, this means the photos we produce will be completely authentic,

bespoke and wholly unique to anything else you can imagine

(another quote from a client!).



So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch!