3 Head Shot Photography Top Tips

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"What are your top 3 tips for head shot photography?"

Ooo, another good question!

Head shot photography is essential for a professional image.

It is no good reusing that "valencia" filter selfie to show that you are serious about your trade.


Am I right?


Whether you are an actor, dancer, performer or a business professional, you need a head shot that looks sharp, but also shows your personality.

So, for each of these reasons for needing head shots, here are my top tips.

Tip #1

Be you.


If you are smiley, be smiley.

If you are serious, be serious.

Equally, if the reasons you are needing the head shots require a certain facial expression, bring it.

There is only one you, and you are the best one at being you. People want to be able to see YOU in your head shot.

Tip #2

Light it properly


I am thankful to have 8 years worth of experience under my belt.

Ranging between fashion photography and almost every other type of portraiture.

Before you arrive in studio, I have sat down thinking through who YOU are, and what lighting is best going to suit you. Beauty dishes, accent lighting, fill lights, natural light; you name it, it's in my skillset.

Tip #3

Choose wisely


When you have finished your photo shoot, within the next week or two a process called "curation" takes place. This is where I remove the "chaff" (the naff photos) and put together a selection of photos for you to choose from.

Now, if you just need the one image, that's fine!

But if you have spent the time in studio & location with me, you are going to want to choose a few. Thankfully, the more images you buy, the more discount is applied!

VARIETY IS KEY. Choose the photos that represent you best.


Enjoying these blog posts? Let me know! I am a real person, and like a bit of encouragement.








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