Self Portraits 2017

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Self Portraits

Portraits are not easy - self portraits are REALLY not easy.

If you know me at all, you will know my "look" has changed significantly in the last two years or so. I've gone from having short to long hair.

I look really different.

So, I set out to take some new self portraits. I put together a studio set up and new the type of look I was going for.

Here was what I achieved:

Now, the other thing that has changed over the last two years is that I've gone and got myself a wonderful girlfriend, Bethany-Rose White:



Thank you Jesus.

When I showed Beth the self portrait I achieved, her reaction was underwhelming.

And a bit disappointing.

But the thing we have learnt in our relationship is complete honesty - she knew that the self portrait I took may have looked sharp and professional, but it didn't represent my personality.

After a lot of denial, I had to agree with her.

She then took this portrait of me on her polaroid camera when we were out on a date together: I knew it was tonnes better.

Thank you Betty!

What do you think?






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