3 Portrait Photography Top Tips

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"What are your top 3 tips for portrait photography?"

Great question!

I've been teaching photography for the last couple of months to two students, and we are beginning to get on to working with people.

Almost 100 million of you own an iPhone: and I won't be surprised if you, that are reading this, have one.

If you're one of the 4 people that don't own an iPhone, fear not, you probably have two cameras on your phone. Happy days.

Summer is just around the corner and there will be times that you are out with your family and you want to take a photo to remember the day. How beautiful!

Tip #1

Shoot lots

Different facial expressions, different angles, different lighting.

Don't overkill the moment, but you want to be able to tell a little story.

The great thing with Instagram now-days is that they enable you to upload a few photos at a time to tell the story. You also won't have an arm as steady as a pro or as steady as a tripod, so limit the possibility of having the dreaded blurry photo and click click click!

Tip #2

Limit distractions

Objects, buildings or people in the background are rarely things that enhance the look of a portrait. You want the attention to go straight to the subjects in the portrait. Using a long focal length or narrow depth of field will help you to blur backgrounds, but when you're using your phone with a large depth of field, make sure you haven't got a dog poo bin in the background, or some randomer bending over.

Sometimes this is hard to do because of the location - but you do have the option to crop in post production #helpful.

Tip #3

Have some fun

I haven't had a family go away from a shoot thinking "wow that was boring" - we keep it fun, and have a laugh during the shoot. Obviously the corporate photography I do is a completely different context, but who wants a boring photography experience? Not me.

Going back to my note about the summer - really live in the moment (#cheesy). Seriously! Don't spend so long on your phone trying to get the best filter while you're out with your friends / family, have fun, and be savvy enough to capture the moment on your phone.

(psst, for the record, I shoot family photography, so book me for a session and I'll shoot memorable portraits of your family!)





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