Bob Dowsett

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Bob Dowsett

Well, this was an interesting shoot.

A couple of weeks ago I had an enquiry for a head shot shoot.

Fairly simple, you would think.

I then proceeded to have a chat with a lovely chap on the phone, from Australia, 81 years of age, who called himself "Crocodile Bob" - we booked the shoot!
Trouble was, Crocodile Bob didn't have a mobile, or email.

How did he get in contact with me then?

I'm glad you asked; Bob went through the lovely Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury and they recommended me to take his head shots!

I felt privileged.

The tough part was getting him his invoice, and finding him for the shoot.

I then found him in a pub over an hour early after receiving a phone call from a local newsagents who figured it was me that he was looking for. We ended up having a pint in the local pub and then we did the shoot.

Considering all of that, Bob did spiffingly. Check out the shots!

So no matter how old you are, or what communications issues you may have, I can cater for them. Here's the evidence.






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