How do you choose a location?

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I put out a message last week inviting you to ask any question to do with photography and here was one of the questions:

"How do you go about choosing a location for a family shoot?"

Good question.

If you're lucky enough to have been brought up in a family that did stuff together; going out together and doing fun things, you'll probably have a handful of places that have some sort of meaning to them.

For me and my family, the beach and the glen up in Walmer are places we love to go and walk our dog at. But for you, it may be a specific part of the beach, your very own garden, or a street you always tend to walk through together.

So when I have a booking with a family, I ask them the question:

"Is there a place of significance or meaning that you and your family like to go?"

If your not a deep and meaningful family you're not necessarily boring, but you may not have a particular place you like to go to with your family. That's not a problem!

Here, I then have a list of places that look LOVELY and are fun to go to.

We then choose a place that suits each family.


If you have a question you'd love to ask, send me a message or comment on this post.




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